Article Rewriting

Article rewriting is something which has become very commonplace since the introduction of the internet. The reason for this is that although a website, in order to be effective, needs to be refreshed with new articles on a regular basis and plagiarism is not allowed by most website hosts, if rewrites were not used website owners would have to spend excessive amounts of money to writers for original articles on a frequent basis. Rewrites are of course cheaper although they do also come at a cost, or have until now.

The website by Chimp Rewriter tells of how an article rewriting tool is now available for website owners to use. The tool is software which rewrites articles and so alleviates the need for website owners to pay writers every time they need new rewrites. Of course, the software does have a price but as it can provide almost limitless rewrites, it quickly pays for itself by the money it saves the site owners. This software is aware of the problems of plagiarism and so has carefully been designed to ensure any rewrites cannot be considered by a search engine, to be plagiarized.

Of course, in order to provide the software with material to rewrite, a website owner should first start with an original, well-written article but even the cost of that original article will be recouped by the number of times the software can provide rewrites of it. Quality articles are essential if a website is to be successful but also the success will depend on the articles been refreshed regularly, which is of course usually done by the use of rewrites.

Before anyone can see an original or rewritten article on a website though, they must first visit the website and so a website owner should take active measures to ensure the site does receive frequent visitors. This can be achieved by hiring an SEO specialist. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a set of tactics which make a website more visible online. One of the main tactics used by SEO specialists is the use of keywords. This is where keywords are placed in the text content on a website and the keywords attract the attention of a search engine at an appropriate time and that time is when it is making a relevant online search by request. Typically the list of results for one of these searches will contain thousands of websites but it will only be the ones on the first page which ever get seen, perhaps even only the first one or two on that first page. By drawing the search engine’s attention to the website at the appropriate time, the keywords ensure that the website they have been placed in, appears among those top two or three websites on the first page of the results list. Other popular SEO tactics include the use of backlinks and this is where a link to one website is placed on another, once again helping a website to be more visible.