Privacy on Your PC

Many people think that if they have the prescribed protection against hacking, installed on their PC or laptop, they are free from the hassle of having their identity stolen but unfortunately, that is not the case. Many unscrupulous people today that steal identities do it by observing others whilst they are on their PCs or laptops. Although we may think we are the only ones viewing our screens as we put in our passwords or other security information, we are not. As the display allows images to be seen by people sitting next to you on a plane, train or even in an airport or terminal, as you place in information, it may be being stolen.

Often people may check their accounts after using their laptops or other devices outside their home but today, the people that steal identities this way are being patient, allowing months and in some cases even years before they use the information they have stolen. This gives you less chance of knowing when or where the information was stolen and therefore less chance of the person doing the stealing from getting caught. Without as high a possibility of being caught, thieving identities becomes more and more enticing for those unscrupulous people they prey on others.

There is bad news for these criminals though and that is the introduction of a Privacy Filter for PCs Laptops or many other devices. These filters sometimes called privacy protectors are placed on a screen either temporarily or permanently and help prevent anyone other than the person directly in front of the screen from seeing the images on it. This means the images displayed cannot be seen by the person in the next seat to you on a plane, train or bus or by someone standing to one side of you. These filters, depending on the manufacturer, may come in black or gold meaning that a person next to the display will either see a black reflection only or a gold one but will never actually see what is displayed on the screen.

These filters are not just useful, perhaps even essential whilst traveling but can also be very useful in an office environment where more than one person shares an office. Any businessman that has a laptop without a filter should also perhaps be careful where they open their laptop so as not to share confidential company information.

In these days of increasing incidents of identity theft a filter or screen protector on any PC, laptop or even handheld device used outside the privacy of your own home, should be considered especially as the cost of one is very little, certainly far less than the cost of having your identity stolen would be. Having the peace of mind that only someone looking directly over your shoulder at close range can see what is on your display must also count for something and that alone often will justify the price of a good screen filter or screen protector.