Top 4 Lightning Headphones for the iPhone 7

themorrillfamily Lightning Headphones for the iPhone 7With Apple introducing the lightning connector compatible earbuds with an all new iPhone 7, numberless people have been debating the lack of options or variety as a major downside to the aforementioned decision. What you fail to realize, however, is that the introduction of lightning headphones doesn’t mean a lack of options.

There already is a range of headphones available in the market which are lightning connector compatible. In order to inform you of a few of the prominent options at your disposal, we have briefly reviewed the top lightning headphones available in the market.

Libratone Q Adapt:

Libratone Q adapt are certainly one of the most elegant lightning headphones that you can find in the market. Not only are they absolutely comfortable in your ears, but they also offer a brilliant sound quality with active noise cancellation. Since you are put in charge of the ambient noise that these headphones give out, you can have a perfect music experience in pretty much any given environment. Read a more in-depth review from Lightningcans for more details.

Audeze Sine:

If you are willing to spend a little extra on a lightning headphone with the most advanced features, then choosing Audeze Sine is going to be a commendable idea. The headphones pack pretty much everything that is required to have an impeccable music experience. With a built-in DAC, active noise cancellation, and a blend of comfort and portability, there is hardly anything that the aforementioned model fails to offer. Read more from Appleinsiders in-depth look at the Sine’s.

Philips Fidelio M2L/00:

There is no question on the quality and features when it comes to a Philips branded headphones. And Philips Fidelio MSL/00 are not different in any way either. Philips takes the credit of being one of the very first brands to launch the lightning headphones which was certainly a brave move. The Philips Fidelio MSL/00 look more like something a fighter pilot during WWII would have on. So if you like to shine out of a crowd, the aforementioned model is certainly going to be a fine option. Lightningcans breaks down the features of the M2L in more detail.

Brightech Sharkk:

Last but not the least, the Brightech Sharkk happen to be slightly costlier than the Apple’s own earbuds, however, it does include a few additional features. If the chemical blue color is not a reason enough to spend your money on this gorgeous piece of accessory, the silicon buds which fit perfectly in pretty much all ears certainly will be a major upside. The earphones do also include an in-line remote that adds up to the justification behind its higher price. Heavy reviews the Brightech SHARKKs in their lighting headphone wrap up.


As evident from the information mentioned above, the options in terms of lightning headphones which are available in the market are widespread, to say the least. While Apple does include an adapter with the iPhone 7 to connect your traditional 3.5mm compatible accessory to your smartphone, you can certainly choose to get a headphone that is compatible with the lightning connector in the first place. And that too at an incredibly affordable price. This is what pretty much negates all of the downsides of removing the 3.5mm headphone jack on the new iPhone 7.